New Phone App Allows Parents to Shield Children from Harm

How can you protect your children
with Snooper?

Snooper allows you to monitor your kids’ smartphone activity. You can choose what kind of content gets through to them, keep track of where they go and check how they communicate.

It gives you full parental control to protect your loved ones from online predators, criminal intent and harmful behavior.

Snooper Features:

  • Safeguard Against Kidnapping
  • Track their latest location if they go missing or can’t be reached via phone or text messages.
  • Prevent Inappropriate Photos
  • See photos sent and received in real-time, along with the sender and recipient.
  • Know Who They Talk To
  • Monitor your kids’ call or text history and identify unknown or suspicious contacts.
  • Protect Them Online
  • Track their browsing history and secretly block websites with powerful parental controls.
  • Ethical Prevention
  • Let them know you’re monitoring their device to keep the trust and prevent unwanted activity.
  • Full Records
  • Snooper records everything as it happens, even if content is deleted from the phone.


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This is a Real Shopper Stopper!

This may be one of the best kept secrets around.

Recently, by way of my marketing connections, I had the opportunity to view a fascinating industry.

I was shocked and taken aback to learn how much product manufacturers, service suppliers, etc, actually pay cash to regular people to evaluate their products and services or answer some surveys.

In addition to paying real cash for opinions they also give out serious rewards and coupons that can

Significantly lower grocery bills and shopping costs.

I told my daughter about it and found out she and her husband had been doing this for some time.

I didn’t believe her of course, so she proceeded to show me a recent grocery receipt.

She had saved over 60% on the bill by using coupons and offers she procured!

I also found out that her Husband uses this to get free product samples. I immediately assumed that he was getting those small sample size products until he showed me some of the stuff he gets for free.

He showed me a box of 6 coffee creamers. Not the small sample packets, these were the 6 oz bottles sold in stores for $3-$4 each!

Next, he showed me the 4 boxes of cereal he recently got. Again, not the mini boxes, these were the full size boxes you buy in the store for around $4 each.

If they don’t need the stuff they give it to neighbors or donate it to a food pantry.

Honestly, they didn’t use this to earn extra income. They don’t need to. But they both told me how much fun it was!

When I checked out the site, it occurred to me, that anyone who had a computer with internet access and some time could also turn this into an actual cash revenue generator.

I’m thinking this would be a perfect activity for a stay at home mom, retirees, between jobs, unemployed, or anyone who has some extra time to take advantage of this gateway.

I don’t want to give you any false hopes. The internet is loaded with scams and bogus promises. All they are designed to do is take your money and get you to chase butterflies. If you’ve engaged in any of these you know what I’m talking about.

So, let’s be clear on one thing.

You will not become a millionaire doing this, but you can earn substantial extra cash, and definitely save big on grocery and shopping bills.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this opportunity Click Here

Submitted by Steve Cashwell



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Win a Samsung 65″ 3D LED Smart TV

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Things To Do To Find Cheap Cruise Deals

There are a number of things you can do to help you discover affordable cruise vacations. Gone are the days when only the very rich can afford to go on cruise holidays. So if you are on a budget, looking into these tips can help you enjoy these once in a lifetime vacation. One way for you to have an inexpensive cruise vacation is to minimize expenses right from the start when you are planning.

Checking out webpages such as Cruises Deals to gather information about available cruise deals is one of the first things you can do. Doing so allows you to cut down on your expenses because you will do the search from your home. Since it’s possible to visit more than three sites at the same time, this allows you to comparison shop between different cruise packages until you find the best deals.

Prior to checking out cruise package deals it is important to establish a budget first. You need to set a budget because it just doesn’t help you save money it allows you to narrow down the number of cruise packages you can choose from and this allows you to save a lot of time. So before you visit websites like Cruises Deals, be sure that you already have a realistic budget in mind.

If you want to find the most affordable deals, you can make reservations by either very early or at the last minute. If you are going to book a cruise vacation for the first time, it is advisable that you make reservations six months up to a year ahead of time. This gives you sufficient time to study cruise packages allowing you to choose one that will work best for your needs and budget.

On the other hand, you can also find some of the best cruise packages and deals eight to four weeks before a cruise ship leaves. You can gather information about these types of package deals at Cruises Deals. This is because cruise lines prefer to slash their rates rather than allow any of their ships sail off for 10 or more days with empty cabins.

Do understand however, that this is going to work only for people with flexible travel dates and to be honest, flexible budget since you have to settle for whatever accommodation is left available (you might end up with a suite). If you’ll book a cruise vacation for the first time, you can seek the help of a travel agent so you can get the best package deals available.

Learn more about cruises, cruise packages, and other things at

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Free Samples & More

Free Samples – Tons of Free Goodies - You’ll want to explore this!

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Sun Sweeps – A Premier Sweepstakes Site!

Win Cookware

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